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Promodoro - highly suitable for DTG
Direct to Garment Printing Process

Promodoro quality

The Promodoro collection mirrors those interesting developments in materials that are currently taking place on the fast-moving printing technology market. We particularly focus on the latest needs within the sector that are important to guarantee optimal printing results.

In doing so, Promodoro unite the most recent developments from textile finishing technology with the most relevant print trends. That is why Promodoro is today the first and only company that is claiming its products to be highly suitable for DTG.


We all know that prints on a
cheap garment lead to cheap results.

Why Promodoro quality is recognized by all experts as a perfect garment for DTG.

Promodoro use combed and only combed cotton which means:

  • Absorbtion is very good
  • smooth surface
  • less hairiness and superior appearance
  • superior hand feel

open end cotton open end cotton
  • not uniform dyeing
  • no deep absorption of dyeing
  • harsher hand feel
  • not vibrante appearance
  • mainly composed of short fiber

carded and combed cotton carded and combed cotton
  • better dyieng better absorption
  • still hairiness medium appearance irregular yarn
  • short fiber percentage still high less strength

  • dyability is very good
  • less hairiness and superior appearance
  • superior hand feel
  • short fiber percentage is low regular yarn made from higher grade cotton fiber

The washing performance in terms of shrinkage ans also the impact on the durability of the garment is excellent. The brightness saturation on white is brilliant and the deep black generate a perfect contrast.

These are reasons why Promodoro products grant high printing quality results on DTG.


Premium T, Highly Suitable for DTG.

Promodoro‘s Premium T range consist of Men‘s T‘s in different cuts as well as a Women‘s and a Kid‘s T. They are highly suitable for DTG and made of 100 % combed cotton, 180 g/m2, 24/1 yarn.