Atelier Veredelung

promodoro – it’s all for you.
With more than thirty years of experience, it’s impossible to imagine the industry without promodoro. Back in the nineties, we started with only two items and have been constantly developing and expanding our collection ever since. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the premium quality that defines each of our products.

promodoro has firmly established its place in promotional wear, corporate fashion, and merchandising. While we focus on the B2B market, we want to make our textiles accessible to private customers as well. That’s why we launched our online shop “We Are Casual by promodoro” in October 2016. We even created a virtual showroom for you to enjoy.

Our goal lies beyond simply selling a T-shirt. We aim to improve people’s quality awareness with durable high-quality textiles. Because a high-quality garment is a sustainable one. The higher the quality, the longer the garment lasts, and the fewer resources are used—and that’s exactly our goal.

In an ideal world, you can enjoy your textiles for a lifetime. And to bring this ideal a bit closer to reality, promodoro is constantly evolving.

For more durability. For impeccable service. And it’s all for you.